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Some listed companies are developing AI (artificial intelligence) and conducting in-house training. Also, as an outside lecturer, I teach G certification and AI programming of the Deep Learning Association.

I offer a wide range of machine learning and deep learning lessons using Python. Not only AI but also general data science consultation.
I also teach how to do machine learning without programming.
I also offer programming lessons for children.

I have been engaged in overseas work for many years, including expatriation. I have worked in more than 20 countries, mainly in Europe, North America and Asia. Most of my work has been done in English, but I have also used German and Chinese to do business with local people. In particular, I have been stationed in Germany for 5 years and I'm as good at German as English.
On Cafetalk I teach "actually usable business English" and "communicative everyday German" based on my experience. Of course, for overseas business and daily conversation, it is better to have basic knowledge such as vocabulary and grammar, but there are many other tips. I have seen many cases of people who have a score of Eiken 1st grade or TOEIC 900 points or more, who can not communicate well in English at the actual business site, and who communicate well even if the TOEIC score is low. I am advanced in English and German, but I am learning multiple languages at the same time: Chinese is intermediate and Spanish is beginner, and I can communicate according to the level of each language, so with that experience, I would like to give you tips on communication.

1989 Graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering Master's Program (Master of Engineering)
Worked at Kao Corporation from 1989 to present (with research and marketing experience)
1995-1999 Moved to Germany

#Artificial intelligence
#Deep learning
#deep learning
#Machine learning
#machine learning
#Text mining
#Natural language processing

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