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My name is Matthew and I am from Buffalo, NY. I have been teaching English to Japanese students since 2006, when I moved to Japan. I lived there until 2012 and really enjoyed my time there. I miss Japan! Hopefully, I will be back there soon. Currently, I am back in the US after travelling the world and teaching English. 

I want my students to have fun during their lessons! I think we learn best when we are having fun and interested. It’s best to learn when we aren’t afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are a crucial part of learning. So, I like to get to know my students and build a good relationship with them. This helps students feel relaxed in my lessons and really explore the language. 

During my lessons, I allow my students to speak as much as possible. In order to improve our speaking, we need to speak. While you are speaking, I am typing any mistakes you make in the Skype chat box. Then, I will provide you with the corrections and alternative words or expressions. 

Since I have lived in Japan before, I know a lot about Japanese culture and the language. I feel this really helps students feel comfortable in my lesson. 

Prior to teaching, I was a successful manager at a large company. I understand the business world well and have helped many students improve their Business English. 

I enjoy teaching all types of English. General Conversation, Kids English, Travel English, Test Preparation (TOEIC, TOEFL, EIKEN, IELTS), Interview Preparation and whatever else you are eager to learn. 

In my free time, I really enjoy the outdoors. I love camping, hiking, sports, reading, writing, learning, listening to music and meeting new people. I hope to meet you soon as well! 

Thanks for checking out my profile :)
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