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Hi there! My name is Madhvi but you can call me Maddy for short. I'm from Nairobi, Kenya in the Eastern part of Africa. It’s a wonderful place to live in and I love to share my passion for my home country through teaching English here on Cafetalk.

I have a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and English is our official language in Kenya. I lived and completed my degree in the U.K and I’m able to speak with a clear, concise accent. In addition to this, I’m TEFL certified and have been trained in Business Etiquette. I really understand the challenges with learning a new language and I’m here to help. Whether it's pronunciation, reading, speaking, listening or writing, I'm able to apply the right style of teaching with matching activities for practising your English skills.

Here's a fun picture of me overlooking Kenya’s world renowned Maasai Mara Conservancy.

Teaching and Professional career

I’ve had experience teaching languages since high school where I served as a class assistant, tutored various young learners one on one and I’m now offering a range of lessons here for beginner, intermediary and higher level English students.

I've also been working in the corporate sector for the most part of 7 years and I’m looking to teach more as I find it highly fulfilling. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a student improving and getting more confident as each day passes. Combining all my experience allows me to help you improve and give you the confidence you need to speak, listen, write and communicate in many situations and scenarios.

I sometimes like to work and travel. My last job took me to Sri Lanka where I worked in a Japanese inspired concept café called Kiku. We served a fusion menu and I played many roles such as events coordinator, waitressing, cashiering and general management. Travelling helps me to open up my mind and become a better teacher as I’m exposed to other nationalities and cultures.

Hobbies & Interests

I'm an avid reader, love sport, playing settlers of Catan and travelling! I'm also interested in Japanese culture. I regularly attend events at our local Japanese embassy to learn more about what interesting things are going on and to learn more about Japanese people! When talking to me, I'll be able to share some insights on Africa and equally learn more about Japan and other parts of Asia.

Lastly, I have a little creature for whom I’m responsible for at home……meet Hamphonso!

My Lessons

- My lessons will have a fun, relaxed, yet professional approach. You will be encouraged to practise your English through conversation and I'll gently correct you as we go along.

- I'm quite a good listener and have a somewhat structured style. I'll be able to identify areas we need to improve on whether it is pronunciation, grammar, speaking or listening.

- I provide support material that you can use for reference even after you're done with lessons in the form of links/articles and videos that will help.

- Most importantly, the aim of each lesson is to encourage you and give you the confidence to speak your way into achieving all your personal and professional goals!

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