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My name is Teacher Lilian and I am an English tutor for children. I am an experienced and    professional teacher with an Honours Bachelor of Arts from a Canadian University and I also have a Tesol Certificate.  For many years, I taught children between the ages of 2-15 in  schools here in Calgary Canada. For the past two years, I have been teaching English         online to children ages 4-15, getting to meet families from all over the world! I have a neutral Canadian accent and speak English very clearly. I also have three children of my own! 

My classes are very interactive and my teaching style includes TPR, MODELING, PROPS, GOOD CORRECTION, PEER TO PEER INTERACTION and P P P [present, practice and   produce].

I also encourage students talk time to be more than teacher,s talk time. I love to make my students comfortable so we all can enjoy the class and have fun.

Hope to see you in my classroom very soon. Thank you.

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