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Hello. My name is Shizuku and I play the Irish harp.

I became familiar with music at a very young age.
I started playing the electric organ when I was 3, and when I was in school I played flute for 6 years.
I am very heavily influenced by relaxation music and songs from video games so I love the world of fantasy and magic.

My story with the Irish harp began when I thought “I want play and sing folk songs and my own original songs” and started looking for an instrument that would be easy to carry around.

When I first heard that unique and gentle sound,
I knew from the bottom of my heart, that this instrument would soothe me.

It is said that the harp has had the power to heal people since very long ago. There is even a legend about a king whose psychological illness was cured by the sounds of the harp.

By the way, when you hear the word “harp”
what comes to mind??
Beautiful and dazzling? Angels?
Large and part of an orchestra maybe?

“Eve,” the Irish harp is a small, cute, and familiar instrument.

Now I am offering Irish Harp Lessons (Counseling for First Timers) for students who have an instrument or want to start learning, as well as Rosemary Sessions which include a tarot reading and healing through sound.

Whether you’re interested in the harp or are just curious because it seems different, please keep on reading until the end♪


♪ Irish Harp Counseling
Let’s unwind and talk about the harp♪

I am currently offering a 20% off coupon good for any harp lesson to all students who begin with the counseling session.♪


♪ Getting Started with the Harp (25 min)
Let’s get started playing♪

Learn basic posture, tuning, and techniques.


♪ Irish Harp Lesson (50 min)
Play at a relaxed pace♪

Our main aims are
・To enjoy playing each and every sound with purpose
・To relax both the player and the listener
I will adjust the lesson to your level.

These courses are also open both to students who want to learn to play the harp, and also those who want to learn how to sing and play at the same time.


♪ Rosemary Session
(Tarot Reading + Healing Through Sound)

※This session is open to students who do not have a harp!

An original session for people who want to spend every day being creative! When you’re about to start something new or are trying to make up your mind about something, try getting a better idea about the future through tarot cards.

I will use magic cards with scales written on them
to decide what sound you need the most.
Then using the Irish harp or another instrument, I will create a space filled with healing music.

Please enjoy the soothing moments of healing.


Let the gentle sounds of the harp brighten up your day!

English Translation: 12/29/2014 - The Cafetalk Team
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