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Nice to meet you.

I live in Southwest Germany with my German husband and our two kids. The biggest city nearby is called Stuttgart. It isn't the most well known place, but it is home to world famous companies like Daimlar, Porsche, and Bosch.

I had put my German studies on hold since having kids, but I started again last year and got a C1 level certification. German grammar can be very complicated and difficult to remember compared to English, but if you study hard, you can definitely do it.

My lessons are centered around conversation and I can use Japanese to explain the grammar in simple terms.

I love reading books in my free time. I like reading Japanese mystery writers like Keigo Higashino and Miyuki Miyabe and I also like reading translations of Stephen King and Ken Follett books. Germany is famous for its beer, but I prefer wine. I love ending the day by watching TV with a good glass of wine.

English Translation: 10/7/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 

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