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Nice to meet you!

My name is Kana and I'm a piano teacher.

I was influenced by my mother, piano teacher herself, and started playing the classical piano at 3 years old.
As a piano instructor in a certain music school, I taught to students between 4 years old to some around 70, and enjoy giving instructions.

Graduated from Osaka College of Music, Department of Instrumental Music, with a major in piano, I appeared in solos, instrumental music, concerts and competitions.
I've been teaching piano for 10 years.

I studied abroad in the United States and Germany, so I can also teach in English.
I mainly studied classical piano, but I can teach a wide range of songs that students would want to play, from pop songs to folk compositions, or anime songs^^!

To be honest, from kindergarten through the middle grades of elementary school, I hated my piano teacher and piano practice lol!
(It was thanks to the next teacher that I was able to continue)

However, my teacher said that sometimes that I used to practice mechanically and reluctantly.
Perhaps because of this, when I was 10, my mother changed my piano teacher.
This is how I started to get interested in music. In other words... I enjoyed my new teacher lessons' much more^^
My new teacher's teaching style was 180 degrees different from the previous ones and I enjoyed my weekly lessons.
I remember that my independence increased and I started practicing voluntarily.

After that, I began to learn from a German teacher and studied in Germany. I learnt profoundly the differences between European and Japanese music education, etc. And also unrelated to education or piano itself.
Rather than practicing mechanically alone, the important thing in your first piano lesson is, more than being able to read music or have a good ear, that there's no useless learning as long as you enjoy yourself.

The reasons most students don't like the piano are
1 Someone got angry at them (parents or teachers),
2 Because they can't play well (they hate to practice, can't read music, can't move their fingers),
3 The songs are not fun.

So this is why, I won't be doing anything that you don't enjoy, so we can have fun while learning.
In the past, everyone used the European teaching style with Hannon or Bayer. So far in Japan, piano learning is referred to as "staged education".
More recently, on the other hand, the "American Pace Method" from the 20th century and Finnish education in Europe have been gaining attention.
This includes learning abilities from the first sight, improvisation, absolute pitch, music theory, pre-reading from the beginning... It is a piano education that gradually climbs up like a spiral staircase.
This type of learning is called "spiral learning".
Like a spiral staircase, it's a way of gradually learning all kinds of things.
The biggest advantage is that children will be able to read music and develop a sense of musicality when they grow up.

The problem with the traditional classical piano education is that it is difficult to follow the sheet music and be able to play it on the instrument, it takes a long time for each songs.

So even for people who used to play piano in the past, they can barely play anything else other than the music they learned or played at a concert.
Even I, who came out of music school, was like this.
In that case, it's like a rote learning.
If possible, I would like my child to grow up and as an adult, and even if he or she quits the piano in the future, I would like them to at least have a rich musicality and understand the joy of playing music.

I know it's a long read but, there is no one right answer to music practice. However, it is a very precious time.
I think it's important to remember the essential part of learning the piano.
We offer fun lessons according to the person's needs.^^

In adult lessons, even for those who can't read music, beginners make fast progress and lessons are fun.

(If you want more Spartan lessons I also offer this coaching!)

The goal is to reach a great hearing,
I accord your needs to deliver my lessons^^

Graduated from Osaka College of Music, Department of Instrumental Music, majoring in Piano.

Appeared in concerts and competitions as a soloist, instrumentalist, vocalist, choral accompanist, and chamber musician.
4 years of studies abroad in America and Germany.
Able to teach in English.

Kumagusu-no-Sato Piano Competition Grand Prize
Participated in the semi-finals of the Pitina Piano Competition
Won the Yamaha Ensemble Festival (Electone)
Appearance at the Dresden Piano Concert
Maeda Piano Salon Regular Concert Appearance
Piano appearance at the Christopher Piano Salon in Berlin
Performed at New York's Ikuei Gakuen in a regular concert with piano accompaniment
Wedding Concert at the Garden Hotel
Music therapy performance at a nursing home

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