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Nice to meet you.

I'm "Don Don Sensei!"
Why is my nickname Don Don? Because "don don" is Japanese for "steadily, rapidly," which is how fun learning Korean will become for you!

<My Lesson Style>

☆ One phrase that can characterize my lessons is "once in a lifetime encounters"
I don't just mean between my students and myself. I hope to make precious memories with each and every special person that I meet.

☆ The second phrase that sums up my lessons is "having fun!"
The more fun you have, the more naturally you will improve your Korean! I love teaching Korean! If the teacher is having fun, the students will feel it too! Let's have fun studying Korean together! (^^)

<About Me>

♥ While studying at Sungkyunkwan University, I came to Japan on a one year exchange program to Hitotsubashi University and taught Korean to elementary school children and seniors.

♥ I taught Korean on a website called Hanryu Prince, where I had the opportunity to create precious ties with my students. I want to cherish those ties forever.

From here on outI hope to cherish the ties I make with the students I meet on Cafetalk as well(^^)

Whether at a school, hospital, or an office, I think the work of a "sensei" is fantastic, but also difficult. 

I hope to become a "smiling sensei." No matter how long it may take for a student to grow, I'd like to support them with a smile. No matter how upset a student might get, I'd like to support them with a smile. I will never give up on a student and always be there with a supportive smile. I want to be the kind of teacher that shares happy times with his students and helps cheer them up when they're having a hard time.

Let's have fun in class!
Let's smile and laugh together while speaking Korean!
♥그럼 수업시간에 만나용♥ 

From "Smiling Sensei" Don Don

English Translation: 8/4/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 

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