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Hi! Nice to meet you!

My name is Tamami, and I am a certified calligraphy instructor who belongs to Minaminihonshodo-kai in Kagoshima Prefecture. So, I can teach you four different kinds of calligraphy style, such as the square (printed) style, the semi-cursive style, the cursive style, and Kana style. In addition, since I passed Grade Pre-1 of EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency conducted in 2007 by the Society for Testing English Proficiency, Inc, I can explain how to create your works with a calligraphy brush in English, if the need arises.

Currently, I teach both Japanese and calligraphy to native speakers of English who want to pass Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1~N4 via private lesson using both English and Japanese. I also have teaching experiences of both calligraphy and EIKEN for Japanese children after school via private lesson from Monday through Friday.

Furthermore, I am a Mahayana Buddhist and enjoy exploring the teachings of Buddha through books and visiting temples. I have been teaching copying Heart Sutra by Wang Xizhi's(China303~361) great works who was regarded as the most accomplished calligrapher in Tang-Dynasty(China 618-907). After the lessons, my calligraphy students and I visited Todai-ji Temple in Nara prefecture, Japan, in order to copy Heart Sutra at Shakyo-dojyo there! If you like, you can also directly send your Shakyo works that you created at home beforehand to Todai-ji via the postal service. If you like, we can freely talk about Buddhism, the teachings, or beautiful statues of Buddha (National Treasure).

For me, one of the most valuable pleasures is to see my students’ delighted faces when achieving their own goals through my lessons! I am looking forward to seeing you who have desires to learn advanced Japanese, calligraphy, Buddhism, Japanese culture!

Let's have fun together with me! Thanks!^^
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