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Hello! My name is Sakura!

I was born and grew up in Japan. I studied English in England and Spanish in South America. I used to work in a Japanese elementary school. I like teaching Japanese, Art, Music and Calligraphy. Recently I was working in a real estate company for foreign customers.


日本(にほん)うまれの、日本そだち。イギリス(いぎりす) で 英語(えいご)、 南米(なんべい) で スペイン語(すぺいんご) を べんきょう しました。 日本では、 小学校(しょうがっこう) の 先生(せんせい) を していました。 国語(こくご) や 書道(しょどう)、美術(びじゅつ) や 音楽(おんがく) を 教える(おしえる) のが 好き(すき) です。 外国(がいこく) の お客さん(おきゃくさん) むけ の ふどうさん 会社(かいしゃ) でも はたらいて いました。  


○●○Japanese Lessons○●○

☆Japanese for KIDS☆キッズにほんご For children who live in abroad and don't have a chance to use Japanese. Role-play, children's Japanese songs, old stories, traditional plays, seasonal events, calligraphy...etc.

☆TOKYO☆Travel Tips & Housing Tips Helpful advice from ex-realtor. Places to visit, recommended food, advice for housing, quick practice of common phrases, end so on.

*Free Talk in Japanese*日本語フリートーク Casual conversation based on some themes. Focusing on natural expression that Japanese people are actually using in a daily life.

Role-Play in Japanese Practical role-play such as making a phone call, shopping, job interview, Keigo... etc. 

*Expand Your Vocabulary!*言葉遊び♪ 'Shiritori' and 'Renso Game';verbal games to review the words you already know and increase your vocabulary.

Please feel free to tell me your preferable level and what you would like to practice. I am quite flexible with a lesson style^^


○●○About Me○●○

English Studying Program / London, England
Bachelor of Elementary Education / Hiroshima University, Japan 
Full Time Teacher in a Public Elementary School (3 years) / Fukuoka, Japan
Educational Volunteer(1 year) / South America
Realtor in a Real Estate Company for Foreign Customers(3 years) / Tokyo, Japan 


Teaching License for Kindergarden and Elementary School
English Teaching License for Junior High School and High School

English-TOEIC 835, EIKEN Pre-1 Grade
Spanish-DELE nivel B1


I look forward to talking with you!

いっしょに 楽しく(たのしく) 日本語(にほんご) を 学び(まなび)ましょう!

Japanese Primary School Junior High High School

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