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For those who are learning Japanese (Beginners)

I offer: "Japanese Grammar Q&A" and "Japanese Transcription Service"

I don't have a Japanese teaching license or certificate, but I'm willing to try to help you with your basic Japanese, especially with grammar.

Although I have not had much experience with explaining Japanese grammar in English, I still prefer students who are English speakers or who can at least communicate in English. If your Japanese is good already and you're fine with me answering your question(s) in Japanese, that would be great of course.

I currently own the textbooks called "初級日本語 げんき(GENKI)," volumes I and II. But I'm still in the process of familiarizing myself with what grammar points are (and are not) covered in these books.

I'm still in the "experimenting" stage with this Japanese teaching thing, so I have only one kind of lesson available to you for now (Japanese Grammar Q&A). I would like to expand my lessons in the future. Ideas, suggestions, or inquiries are always welcome and appreciated.

Anyway, if you happen to have a (preferably very specific) Japanese grammar question, just try me! I'll do my best!

Also, if you have any audio recorded in Japanese you want transcribed, I'll do it for you! (See the lesson description for details.)

A bit about myself:

I'm an English-and-math-teacher turned English-test-and-workbook-maker turned English-test-and-workbook-proofreader.

I enjoy American music and American TV. I'm no gamer or anime otaku, fortunately or unfortunately for you.

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