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Hi everyone! 

My name is Veronika and I can help you improve your language skills (or learn a language from the beginning!), expand your cultural horizons, gain confidence in yourself, and have some fun along the way! :)

I teach English, Spanish, Slovak, and Intercultural Communication.

I am originally Slovak, but I studied and worked abroad for many years, mostly in the Czech Republic, but also Spain and the United States. I currently live and work in France, in the beautiful region of Brittany. I am fluent in Slovak, Czech, English and Spanish. I can have everyday conversations in French and understand some Italian and German.

I have 15 years of teaching and training experience (individual classes for children and adults, company and public courses, VIP corporate courses, high school and study abroad, corporate and cross-cultural trainings). Apart from my teaching experience, I have also worked in the corporate world, mostly international relocation.

The language classes I offer can be designed based on your needs and wishes, focusing on grammar, pronunciation or conversation (possibility to work with films, literature, current affairs discussion, etc). All levels and age groups are welcome!

The Intercultural Communication classes (taught in English) are suitable for individuals interested in learning about differences across cultures, those that work or do business with other nationalities/cultures, those that have lived abroad / are going to live abroad and would like to understand their own cultural values, and those of the other culture. Through these classes you will become more interculturally competent.

I like to think of my classes as a safe, inspiring and fun environment where students learn in an effective and interactive way, see progress they make, learn to think outside of the box, become more curious about the subject matter, and gain confidence in themselves.

I have a deep understanding of different learning styles (and can teach you about them too!), so I will be able to attend to your needs and preferences in the learning process.

I earned my M.A. in English and American Studies and Spanish Philology specializing in American and Argentinian literatures. I have also expanded my education in Latin American Studies, teaching Spanish as a second language, English Philology and Spanish Philology through additional courses at various universities and institutions in Prague, Czech Republic as well as Spain. I enhanced my intercultural training, leadership and students’ services through a variety of workshops in Istanbul, Berlin, and Prague.

I am passionate about teaching and training, getting to know different cultures (especially through food and dance!), African American studies and literature. I enjoy movies, visual art, jazz and hip-hop music.

I can’t wait to help new students grow and learn new things! :)

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