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Hello, I'm Himika
I've been living in Amsterdam since 2016.

Including those in Tokyo, I do spiritual counselling for 150 people each month.

By the time I was 11, my mother, father, grandmother and grandfather had all left this world due to illness, leaving me to walk a most uncommon path in life. 
From the time my mother left this world when I was 5 years old, I had already been able to see and feel a normally unseen reality. 
As I became an adult, I always wondered why I had come to lead such an awkward existence and the result was found over a long period of time through study and practice of psychic readings, mediumship, Western astrology, Four Pillar astrology, tarot, statistics, a variety of healing techniques, psychology and psychotherapy.

The result was...I was able to find the answer particular to my life.

And I thought that I would like to use my experience and my spiritual personality to help others, which is why I am now engaged in counselling.

Currently I'm continuing my psychic/mediumship/healing studies at a spiritual university in England.

Here on Cafetalk, I would be happy to help those of you who have anxiety or troubles in your daily life and make your days lighter and brighter.

<I'd like to share some reviews from some of my clinets> Thank you, Himika! They are brief, but here are my impressions. Thank you very much for today! I've received readings like this many times before but your reading was very neutral and the way you were able to put into words the unseen reality made me feel very comfortable. I also felt healed by the beauty of your voice. Although I didn't mention my usual themes, the contents of your reading and the advice you gave as well as the words you spoke were just what I needed to hear. As a result, during the reading, something came up from inside of me along with tears. Thanks to this reading, I've become more aware of how to live day by day and I feel like I'm riding the waves of life. Thank you very much for today's reading!( M.K. from Tokyo)

Dear Himika,
Hello. It's a stormy kind of Sunday, isn't it?
Thank you for the deep session the other day.
Since then I cannot get "beautiful darkness" out of my head.
That is to say, I constantly feel comfortably wrapped in a beautiful darkness☆
I also feel like I've come to understand my reason for always having been drawn to the existence and contrast of "light and dark".
From the appearance of a photo as a tool, my whole body had goose-bumps and the trembling wouldn't stop for a while.
From now on I will feel affection for the darkness and loneliness inside of me.
I was very happy to hear, "You're a person who deals with darkness."
I think my spirit was happy, too. I feel like I've found a place where I feel at ease♪
Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful message.
I look forward to the next time(Y.O. from Tokyo )

Himika, thank you very much for a valuable experience today m(__)m
It was my first time to receive a reading about my mission and theme in life, and I was a bit nervous, but I had always wanted to know and I'm happy to have understood the reason for my not knowing. (^^)
I've been interested in the spiritual and have felt a duty to tell many people about it in an easy to understand way, that it's the sun and not the moon, not the past and present but people who show us the future…and things like this and I thought about how things probably are, and then I heard the words you spoke and in a word I though "amazing!"(^^)
Also, you showed me the way to find my mission and theme in life which was engraved in my soul, and I am using that now! As you said, there is a distant vision inside of me, and you told me how to become able to see that!
Thank you so very much m(__)m♪
I look forward to our future meetings♪(M.N. from Tokyo)

Dear Himika,
Thank you for yesterday's assessment reading session.
The message I received from my female guide was very important and it was beyond surprising and gave me goosebumps.
Healed and encouraged by flowers...
I remembered the time when even when things were difficult I didn't tell anyone or cry and I put down my own feelings in favour of others' and sought outside praise for my confidence.
I wonder what I would have done if it hadn't been for my love of flowers.
My feeling of appreciation for that time revives me and even now gives me a tight feeling in my chest. I'm also putting into practice the easy to understand and funny advice from the man!
Through the session I feel I was able to go beyond time and space and get to know myself.
I endeavour to hold dear the messages I've received for my daily life.
Thank you very much(H.O. from Tokyo)

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Thank you for reading until the very end.

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