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Are you new to Korean? Not sure how to get started?

As long as you are motivated, you don't have to make any special preparations^^ Learn Hangul easily with my original textbook!

● About Me

Hello! My name is Dahee Lee. I teach Korean. If you are excited about learning Korean, please take my class!! I will work hard to make it great for you^^

● About the Lessons

There is no need to prepare for my lessons. I spent one year creating an original textbook for Japanese speakers that will make studying a breeze! If you sign up for 「だひの韓国語レッスン」"Dahee's Korean Lessons", then I will send you the file before the lesson.

You can sign up for a lesson 12 hours in advance. If you would like to take a lesson at time other than the slots listed, please send me a message so that we can discuss it. 

● Korean?
First off, the characters are split into consonants and vowels. There are many expressions that are similar to those in Japanese, and we also use kanji so vocabulary will be easy to remember.

However, there are some words that are the same, but have different nuances, or no meaning at all if translated directly. That might make things difficult during conversation, but it wouldn't be any fun to learn as a foreign language if it were exactly the same, right?^^

English Translation: 7/3/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 
All instruction/communication will be in Korean and Japanese only.  


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