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Hello there!

We are so lucky to have Cafetalk! There are many wonderful language tutors and like myself, we do our best to help people improve their skills and achieve your goals.

A little about me:

I was born in the United States and raised in California.

I graduated from Canada College in California and Richmond College in London, England in the impacted program of San Jose State University.

I wrote a book about Sento (Japanese public bath) which is available on Amazon.

Currently, I'm working as a professional English teacher and live in Tokyo.

You'll always learn new vocabulary while at the same time, improve your conversation and listening skills.

Because I love to teach, I think you'll enjoy my style and find the time we spend together valuable. Please check my feedback so you can better understand my teaching style.

Thank you! Let's talk soon.


Tokyo, Japan
English Programming & Development
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  • English Native
  • Japanese Daily conversation

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