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I have been living in Melbourne, Australia for 18 years. I worked at a research company called ORC International for 10 years and I was in charge of newcomer training and project management. Due to a project in which I got to take a part in the Australian government's tourism research, I switched to a job in the travel industry, and have been working at Jetstar Airways for 5 and a half years.

In Japan, I also had experience working as a personal assistant for people who came to Japan for international events.  

Currently I am doing a long stint in my hometown of Osaka, and since April 8th, I've been teaching a TOEIC course as a contract teacher at a university in Kansai.  

*** Lessons Offered  ***

【Start Up】
After an easy level check, I will explain the courses. After finishing the "Start Up" lesson, I will issue you a 50% off coupon that is valid for up to one week. If you don't know which lesson is appropriate for you, please start here. 

-- For Complete Beginners--
【Super Easy English】 
If this is your first time ever taking English conversation classes and you don't have any clue where to begin, please start here! This class is for people who haven't learned the verb "to be" yet. Perfect for elementary through high school students!

-- For Beginners--
【I Want to Travel Overseas Alone】
We will simulate a single person trip through role play dialogues. 

【30 second dialogue】
We will read aloud a short conversation between a man and a woman and learn phrases that are used in daily conversation.

【Mystery Novel Dictation】
A long time ago when I was a beginner, I became engrossed in this novel and after I finished reading it my knowledge of English grew.

【Super Express English Grammar, 50 min】 
For people who want to go back to the basics and learn from middle school grammar.

--Intermediate and Advanced--
Increase your vocabulary, and learn high level grammar such as complex tense agreement. For people who are aiming for a 600 - 900. 

【Learn from Grey's Anatomy】
Watch the video beforehand and we will discuss the contents during the lesson. Either during the lesson, or after finishing, you will move onto the third step, which is reading the screen play. This lesson is recommended for people who want to be able to watch movies and dramas without subtitles. 

【Dictation TOEIC Part 4】
This is a correction class. We will use the "short talk" from part 4 of the TOEIC. Great for TOEIC test takers! Save points by taking the 5 part or 10 part series. 

--For Everyone--
【 Let's Chat!】
Enjoy a conversation about any topic you'd like

【Combination Lesson!】
You can pick 2 25 minute lessons and combine them into a 50 minute class (you will receive a discount)    

【Incentive Lesson】
A free lesson for students who have been working hard!  

**My interests!**
I love traveling and jogging, so I really like this place in Queensland called Noosa. Pictured below is Lake MacKenzie on Fraser Island, which is about 1 hour from Noosa by car. This island is 97% sand and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Although there aren't many opportunities to speak English in Japan, it is possible to become fluent if you have a lot of will power. But it's hard to keep going with agonizing study methods, right? I tend to give up easily myself, but what helped me keep going was finding a fun way to study. It's not that I can speak English because I live in Australia, but rather, I came to Australia after mastering business level English. I am also currently continuing my TOEIC studies and in May 2013, I received a score of 970. 

First things first, let's have a counseling session in the "Start Up" lesson! Please let me help you find the best study techniques for your personality. 

Let's have fun, shall we?

English Translation: 7/24/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 

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