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Hello nice to meet you all, I’m Nagi.

I want to start learning Japanese but I don’t know how to start.

I don’t speak Japanese well even if I’m studying. I would like to know very Japanese expression.

I want to learn Japanese culture while studying Japanese.

...If you want to achieve these things, why don’t you study Japanese with me?

I’ll teach you Japanese with my motto: “Let’s have fun and make the class easy to understand!”.


I have completed the studies for the 420 hour Advanced Skill of Teaching Japanese Language Course.

★Teaching experiences as a Japanese teacher

Japanese language school in Japan - six months

Japanese language school in Taiwan - about two years

Japanese language school in South Korea - about two years and a half

★Available classes

・Conversation(from beginner to advanced)

・Polite words

・Mainly focusing on vocabulary and grammar


・Sports(Football, Futsal, Racquetball, Swimming etc…)

・Traveling Japan and overseas

Since I also have been learning foreign languages such as English and Korean, I always try to teach Japanese from the perspective as a student.

Let’s meet in class everyone!

【 Cafetalk Translation / November 2018 】


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