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Hello! I'm【Coloring artist】t.s.meg!

I usually display my work on SNS, and I hold my coloring classes mainly in Kanagawa prefecture or within my town. Many times a year I also hold exhibitions in Osaka.

"Coloring in" is a wonderful kind of art that enables anyone to become an artist.
Even adults and kids who have not been good at drawing. Why not begin with coloring?
A new world is sure to unfold before you!

My work uses children-oriented materials and I can suggest new coloring that even adults can enjoy.
You can see my work on Instagram and YouTube.

ーーーーーWhy do you use children-oriented coloring materials?ーーーーー

★ The benefits of using children's coloring materials. ① You can more easily improve your drawing skills!

My coloring theme is not just coloring in, but "drawing while you color in".
Drawing highlights, bringing out the feel of the material and drawing the background as well!
There are many ways of self-expression available with coloring!
Therefore, this is why I recommend children's coloring materials.

Children's coloring doesn't have complicated and detailed elements and lends itself well to expression with color and is perfect for practicing.

I beleive that for those of you who usually don't draw or who are not good at drawing, with children's coloring you can improve surprisingly.
Applying the coloring method is connected with improving your overall drawing skill, and is recommended for anyone who wants to become better at drawing, including children, of course!

Starting out with drawing involves quite a hurdle, but with coloring you can start to enjoy yourself right away?!
Many people seem to think so! Drawing with lines is something which may seem difficult, but with coloring in, which already has lines, you can begin having fun from the start.^^

But I think it's difficult to improve quickly simply by just coloring.

I'm happy that people have started doing coloring as a result of having looked at mine on SNS, while some have said that they want to color like me but can't.
You've begun but just can't get better or it doesn't go as you expected and you get bored. This is a very unfortunate thing to happen!
If you could do it better then you would be sure to have more fun!
I'm sure everyone thinks this way.

I'm here to help to enable everyone to have more fun with coloring.

★The benefits of using children's coloring materials. ② Improve your creativity!

Everyone has their own aims and ideas regarding "good at", but here we will use my "Meg-style" which features freely imaginative original creations in lessons (tips and tricks of coloring for highlights and texture, arrangement etc.).

The result is that even the same picture will be totally different depending on the person who colors it and this becomes a real pleasure.

In children's coloring materials there is lots of free space, so you have additional opportunity to freely draw what you would like, giving you more space for originality and completion. For example, as in the piece below.

Some info about my finished work.
I colored both of these in using coloring books purchased at a 100 yen shop.
I use oil-based pencil crayons and pastel crayons for the background.
I gave this Ariel's body more of a feeling of solidity and liveliness as well as adding a pattern to the ribbon, and I gave life to the ocean world for the background.
For Doremon, I made him hold a dorayaki and for the background I added Nobita's house. He is filled in so that he really looks like he's about to start walking.

I've painted a great many more and if you're interested you can see my work on Instagram and YouTube.

Using the available empty space, you can create a new world and improve your creativity! In addition to kids, I encourage adults to give it a try!

★The benefits of using children's coloring materials. ③You can enjoy them regardless of age or gender!

Of course children like cute characters but adults also enjoy them!
Even if it's not characters, there are lots of other patterns you can color!
Patterns can be large and easy to color, so even grandma and grandpa can color them enjoyably. ♪

That's right, this leads to a new form of fun communication for the whole family!

I have all family members joining in my coloring classes, as well as husbands and wives and couples participating in my lessons, too!

It's so much fun to have something to learn that the whole family can do together!

Also, coloring is not something that you're guaranteed to be good at just because you're an adult, and I've heard of children who have said they would teach their dad how to do it well.
With mom and dad learning with the same lines, it becomes a fun and important experience for a child.♪
If mom and dad become good at it, then they are gazed upon with reverance!

Recently, more men have also started coloring!

The pictures are large and simple, and therefore good for starting out, but then comes the fun of arranging things your way after getting used to it!

★The lesson materials are a simple children's coloring page or pattern.

And in my lessons we use the basics of children's coloring materials such as a simple children's coloring page or pattern as the main materials.

For example, in this basics lesson ② of how to color hair, we use an illustration of a girl with bobbed hair.
It's a simple type of lesson.

This is the work of a student of mine. It's a beginner student's before and after work.
So if you get the knack, even as a beginner you can color beautiful hair!

I have a variety of other lessson types so please be sure to have a look!
Please feel free to let me know if you have a certain type of lesson you'd like to try or certain thing you'd like to color. ( ´ ▽ ` )


Let's begin with the basics of using pencil crayons for coloring.
Then let's learn the methods for adding highlights and texture!
And then let's learn ways of arranging things and various techniques to help you get to the next level. ♪
※The order in which you take the lessons is optional. You can choose the lesson you'd like to take.
However, for beginners it's best to start with the basics as a shortcut to getting better!

For high school I entered a high school associated with Joshibi University of Art and Design, and studied my favorite subject, art.
In the junior college I majored in molding and painting.

After working in magazine editing and as a designer for an advertising agency, I moved on to freelance as a designer and illustrator.
My work has appeared in magazines, novels, advertisments, free papers and so on.
I've also participated in art related to many TV dramas.
First Class, Naniwa Kinyūdō, Saki ni umaretadake no boku and others.

Currently I work as an SNS coloring artist, and hold coloring workshops. I'm also a mother of one child.
★For those of you who think drawing is quite a hurdle, then you are sure to be fine with coloring!
Take the first step of art. ♪

In the lessons, I demonstrate while we color together!
Please color by imitating me. ^^

After the beginner basic lesson, ② the hair coloring technique and ③ the face coloring lesson,
I give you a combined lesson with all the tips and tricks so you can practice more easily. ♪

If there's a particular thing you want to color or learn to color, please feel free to request it!

※During the lesson, the most important thing is to see the hands and work area, so please keep this in mind.

The student can show their face, but for best results it is best to keep the camera on your hands and work.

※Apologies if it is inconvenient, but I take days off from teaching on Sundays and holidays.

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