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*Speaking of the course that I have, you should scroll down to the bottom, thanks.

I live in Valencia, Spain now. Since I was a kid, I was into the idea that I would go abroad and travel around the world. I went to the United States for the first time in my life. It was Burbank in California.
During my study at the university, I traveled a lot in Europe and Asia and I did some internship in the United States. After the graduation, I started working for advertising in Tokyo doing the commercial films and organizing the event for the automaker.

Later, I went to Shanghai and learned to speak Chinese. I got a job at the advertising agency based in Shanghai and I was doing the marketing campaign for the Japanese major electronic brand.

A few years later, the recruiter introduced me to the British maker. I was working in the global sales based in Shanghai. Meanwhile, independently, I started working for myself as the business consultant. I was doing the marketing services for the foreign clinic.

Now I am working as freelance, basically, independent contractor. I am doing marketing services, coaching, translation and Japanese education overseas.

I have been speaking English for almost 20 years.
Having going through all the experiences, I do speak Chinese and Spanish too.

I love music and I have been in the band all the time. I did the recording my music as well.

Now I am learning French and I am doing mainly online-work and writing the book during my free time.

My specialization is marking, coaching and translation.

I have Toeic 925、ITLS C1 and GMAT score.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akihisa.hirano

Instagram: akihisahirano

* I've been speaking English more than 20 years so that I could articulate everything in English.


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『How to pronounce Japanese correctly』Strategy, Tactics and Practice

Teaching Japanese in English for beginners


I have the facebook and instagram account called "Nihongo Espanol"
offering the news and some learning Japanese material.


Instagram: Nihongo Espanol
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