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Hello, my name is Vicki. I have been teaching Indonesian language for nearly 15 years. This is my life and my passion. I started teaching when I was a student in university. I was trained properly and worked for a language school in my hometown, Yogyakarta. After graduated from univeristy, I moved to Jakarta the capital city. In Jakarta I was teaching full time. My schedule was very tight 7 days a week and 8 hours per day.

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My students have come from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities: I have worked with diplomats, post-graduate students, CEOs, bankers, activists, journalists, housewives and volunteers. With such a variety of abilities, motivations and interests, one of the skills on which I focused was adapting methods and my personal style to what they needed, while staying fixed on our learning goals. In this, my students learned from me and I learned from them.

My experience of Indonesian language teaching, both in its substance and as an industry, had shown me there were ways that I could improve on current practices and serve students better.

In teaching I use personal approach method. It means I believe that each student has different learning style so I have to focus on them as an individual. Their motivation, their background, their needs, their preference, and their interest will be the foundation of the lesson that I prepare. I will incorporate them in the curiculum that I have set as a guidance. I will make sure that each student will have an enjoyable and satisfying learning experience.

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