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Hello everyone! My name is Manu and I'm from Ronda, a small town in southern Spain (Andalucía). I hold a Master's degree in teaching Spanish as a Second Language, as well as official certificates as SIELE official Spanish exam marker. I've taught Spanish at University of Salamanca for a year, where I got to polish my teaching skills. In addition, I have experience in teaching Spanish to Japanese students. If you're going to take the DELE or SIELE exam, let's study together! Beginners are welcome, too!

I like to use a method based on communication and cognitive grammar, which consists on teaching grammar through images that helps retain grammar knowledge more easily and avoids confusing and, sometimes, contradictory rules.

I adapt each leeson to each student, so as to carry them on in a comfortable, suitable atmosphere. I'll provide any necessary material for the lesson via e-mail, Google Drive or so, so you can review them before the lesson starts. Grammar and vocabulary are obvious relevant points when it comes to talk about languages, but I also love to include useful expressions, tricktips to get the knack of conversation and cultural notes about Spain and Central-South America. I also like to practice writing, listening, reading and speaking skills in each class, but I focus on improving lacking areas of your proficiency in Spanish.

So, why don't you pick up a lesson and try it out? I'll be waiting for you!

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