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Nice to meet you! My name is Kay.
I’m a Korean language teacher.

I learned joy to find a new world through learning Korean language and culture.
I want to share this feeling with many people.
I'm tutoring Japanese people in Korean, teaching in a academy and the university.

I have tutored Korean people in Japanese when I was in Korea.
I also have worked as a Teaching Assistant of Japanese class in my university.
So I can offer both Korean and Japanese lessons.

I’d like to introduce not only the language but also Korean and Japanese society and culture.
Also, I would like to talk a lot about my experience during my stay in Korea and your experience in Japan or other countries!

As one of the foreign learners like you, I know how difficult it is to learn.

Based on my experience, I can teach you effective pronunciation tips for foreign learners.

Why don't you explore a whole new world through studying new language with me? :)

2013-14 Hanyang University Exchange Student
2015- Tutor (private & academy)
2017- Part time teacher in the university

Test of Proficiency in Korean Language (TOPIK) Level 6
Completed Korean Language Instruction Course (Kyung Hee University & Korean Cultural Center)

Travel to Korea, Disney, Watching movies & dramas, studying Spanish
Japanese Korean Design

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