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My name is Giorgia, an experienced teacher of Italian from Rome, Italy! I have a degree in Italian Literature and Linguistics and together we will discover the beauty and the secretes of this fascinating language! 

My background: I studied Latin and Ancient Greek in high school and I fell in love with linguistics. I graduated in Italian Literature and Linguistics in Rome and while attending the BA I also studied English in a private school and won a scholarship for the Erasmus programme which allowed me to study in the UK for a year. I then graduated in Applied Linguistics at Masters level at UCL, in London. In addition, I attended the DITALS course to qualify as a teacher of Italian as a foreign language. 
I have experience in teaching English, Latin and Ancient Greek here in Italy, and Italian language both in the UK and in Italy.

Why study Italian with me? 
Italian may seem quite 
intimidating at first but do not worry! You will soon realise that with the right method nothing is impossible! We will go step by step, according to your needs. Whether you need to study the language for work or you want to approach Italian just for personal interest, we will outline a study plan that will enable us to cover all the important aspects! I teach from the most useful to the least useful, that is, I will never fill the lesson with tons of grammar rules that you're not likely to use! And I adopt an inductive method which means you will naturally acquire the language without even realising it! You will first learn to use the grammar and only after we will analyse the nature of that grammar! Believe me, not only it works but it is also easier done than said! 

All my lessons focus on the four language skills: reading, speaking, writing and listening. There will be games, role-playing and references to all aspects of the culture

What materials will be used? I like to desgin the materials that will be employed during the lessons according to the student's level, interests and needs.  Should the student prefer it, I can solely adopt a textbook. The material will always be sent before the lesson commences so as to leave some time to the students for reading texts and possibly print it. After the lesson instead, I will provide a thorough feedback that should help the student revise some difficult aspects of the language (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation etc.). 
My teaching philosophy. Teaching, to me, is not only a job, it's a genuine passion. I have fun designing the material and it's a pure joy being able to help you reach your goals. Teaching is a service, not a favour, therefore I take the job humbly and enthusiastically. My goal is to help YOU reach YOUR linguistic goals. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my students gaining confidence and speaking the language more and more. 

I am a friendly and easygoing teacher but I expect commitment from my students. We are not here to waste anyone's time! 
What are you waiting for then? Request your first free lesson and get ready to visit Italy! 


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