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Thai Wedding Experience

Hey everyone! I just returned home from attending the wedding of two really good friends of mine. That is them in the picture that you see above. We have been friends ever since we taught kindergarten together here in Thailand 2 years ago. Four other guys I were chosen to be groomsmen for the wedding, and three of them are great friends of mine. We had an awesome time!

It was the first time I have ever been a part of a Thai wedding, and it was a lot of fun! Great food, music and people! It is very different than Western weddings, or weddings in Japan. Check out some of the pictures I took below!

This is the beach where the wedding was held in the evening. I went here in the afternoon, a day before the wedding, and got really sun burnt! I had an awesome time though, swimming and riding around the countryside on a motorcycle we rented

As you can see, the countrside is lush, green and absolutely beautiful. This was taken in the morning, as you can see the mist in the trees. It was a very mild temperature in the morning, but the afternoon was very hot! 

This is the same beach as the picture above, but at sunset. The wedding was held shortly after I took this picture. The evening service was a traditional Italian ceremony, since my friend and his family are Italian.  

This is my friend wearing the traditional Thai wedding clothing for the groom, and me wearing the groomsmen outfit. Can you spot me? I'm also carrying a banana tree, which is a part of what the groom has to pay the family of the bride. It is known as a dowry. The groom also has to do many other things to be aloud to marry the bride, such as pay money, sing, speak Thai and do whatever the family of the bride desires. It is designed to test the will and resolve of the groom, and it is really funny to watch!

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