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What's your mindset?

Many of my students often say, "I can't _____." It doesn't matter what the "____" is, they have already lost if they continue with that mindset. If you have already given up before you have started, how will you ever achieve your goal? 

I can't play soccer.

I can't play the piano.

I can't go abroad.

I can't study every day.

I can't speak English.

I can't improve my English.

Why can't you? The reason is simple. You have already given up. There is a popular expression in English: "Mind over matter". 

Have you heard this expression? Do you know what it means? 

Let's look at 2 different "mindsets":

(1) a fixed mindset

(2) a growth mindset

Can you guess what these terms mean? Can you guess which mindset is better if you are looking to improve a skill? Do you think people are born with either a "fixed mindset" or a "growth mindset"? Or do you think we have the freedom to choose which we would rather have?

I encourage you to develop a "growth mindset" if you don't already have one. If you'd like to learn more about how to develop this mindset and how to really improve your English skills, please send me a message or sign up for a lesson with me today! 

Matthew ~~ New Monthly Lesson ~~
Mar 11, 2018