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Easily Confused Words - 2

Hello everyone,

Today, I'll be going over some words that many of you might have trouble recognizing the differences.

Today's words are:

Than vs. Then

Many students are often confused with these two words. What is the difference?


Than (conjunction): used as a conjunction, than compares things

Then (Adverb): at that time


When you use “than”, you are comparing two things. However, when you use “then”, it refers to “time”.


For example:

THAN (comparing two things)

I like English more than Science.



I prefer action movies than science fiction movies.



Sally is taller than Mary.



THEN (time)

A: What were you doing around 11 pm last night?

B: I was already sleeping then.


A: 昨日23時ごろ何をしていましたか?

B: その時はすでに寝ていましたよ。


I'll see you then!



I hope after this explanation, you'll get a better idea of how to use these two words!

Until next time!


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Feb 19, 2018