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Russian empress Catherine the Great (serial drama in Japan)!

I'm not a fan of TV drama's but that's the best one (in my subjective opinion) ^_^

I'm very glad that from the 19th of February till 20th of March  Japanese people will be able to see a biographical film about Russian empress Catherine the Great.

The first season tells the story of princess Sophie Friederike Auguste(future empress Catherine the Great), and her rise to power to become Empress of Russia, following a coup d'état and the assassination of her husband, Peter III.

The second season portrays the challenges she faces at home and abroad during the early years of her rule, as she tries to revitalise Russia to become one of the great powers of Europe, and becomes titled 'the Great'.

History, love, difficult decisions, the power of destiny, the beautiful architecture of Saint-Petersburg... It's a very beautiful drama. :)

More in Japanese   https://www.ch-ginga.jp/feature/ekaterina/

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Anna O
Feb 18, 2018