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Sooo many ways to use "come"

Phrasal Verbs are "a must" to learn when using English. Here are a few important ways to use the verb: to come

1. come across           = to find or discover something by chance
*I came across an old photograph that made me laugh*

2. come along           = to accompany or to make progress
*Please come along with us*   or    *The project is coming along as scheduled*

3. come back           = to return (to where the speaker is)
*Please come back home before midnight*

4. come by           = to visit someone at home
*Please come by and visit me*

5. come down with           = to become ill with a sickness
*If you don't wash your hands, you might come down with a cold*

6. come into           = to inherit (money or property after a death)
*When her Grandmother passes away, she will come into a huge amount of money*

7. come out           = to appear or announce something publicly 
*The cicada (蝉) come out in August*

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