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It's Christmas Time

It is time for one of the world's most popular festivals- Christmas.  In all regions of the globe this holiday is celebrated.  Even in places, like Asia, that are not traditionally Christian, this holiday is becoming a popular tradition.

However, in the Christian countries, this holiday is full of many different traditions.  For example, in Italy Santa Claus does not visit kids.  Instead the good Christmas witch of La Befana.  In Holland Sinterklaas who travels by boat and fills wooden clogs full of treats for children.  In Spain Los Tres Magos (The Three Kings) bring gifts for kids.  For bad kids they give gifts of coal, which kids actually look forward to as it really is chocolate.

Even Christmas day is different in many countries.  In the United States the 25th of December is the most important day.  But in many countries in South America, the 24th of December, Christmas Eve is far more important.  In Russia Christmas is January 7th.  Some countries even do the 12 days of Christmas- the time it took the kings (wise men as it is believed in the Bible) to travel to see baby Jesus.

Christmas food is also different.  In Japan cake is a popular Christmas food, but in South America Panettone, which is like a Christmas fruit cake, is popular.  In America any kind of sweet (cookies, cake, candy) is popular.

These are just some of the many differences of this popular holiday.  If you wish to find out more, please take my lesson on festivals of the world.  I will gladly explain more about this holiday and its differences around the world.  I look forward to talking with you.

Patrick Murphrey
Dec 23, 2015