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Lost Hunters

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We had been hiking, climbing and scrambling for hours through the dense Pacific Northwest timber covered alpine terrain. Me, my younger brother and my grandpa, were desperately trying to track down the deer we had saw hours before. We are bow hunters. Of the three of us, my younger brother is the best tracker, and his sense of direction is what we all relied on to get us out of these mountians. However, turning back now had not crossed our minds. We were all clenched in the tight fist of the thrill of the hunt. Deeper and deeper we went into the dark old forest. Our eyes were mostly fixed on the ground, looking for signs that our prey had gone this way. Anything that could lead us on to its whereabouts. Hours passed, and still no sign. The sun was going down. Suddenly it was dark, and cold, and we had waundered far from our truck; our way home. In late November, the air is cold and brisk, and we were all starting to feel it. Finaly turning back, my grandpa and I stayed close behind my younger brother, as he used his sense of direction, a compass and a flashlight to help guide us back to familiarity. At midnight we arrived back at the truck, cold and defeated. Eventhough we made it back safely, we all vowed to be more careful in the future and not let our impulses lead us deeper into the unknown without direction. It was a great learning experience, and one I will never forget.


1. What were me, my brother and my grandpa doing in the forest?

2. What were we looking for?

3. Who was the best at knowing where we were?

Vocabulary and Phrases:
1. Scrambing (verb): The action of moving up and over steep ground.
2. Desperately (adverb): A word used to emphasise the degree of a situation.
3. Bow hunters (noun): People who hunt animals with a bow and arrow.
4. Cross your mind (verb): When a thought enters your mind, when you think of something suddenly 
 Clenched in the tight fist of the thrill of the hunt: A metaphor describing being trapped in the exciting feeling of hunting.
6. Whereabouts (noun): Someone or something's location 
7. Waundered (verb): To waunder means to move or walk in a casual way without direction 
8. Familiarity (noun): Having knowledge or aquaintence with something or someone
9. Vowed (verb): To promise 

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