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I got the "Best Kids Lesson Award!" Hurray!

 Best Kids Lesson Award

Lady Ayame

Children's English - 5 Lesson Value Pack


***iko.H | Jul 5, 2019

Hello Cafetalk Community!

How are you doing? I hope you made good use of the rainy season if you had to stay inside a lot. I hope it gave you a good reason to practice your English.

I have great news! I won the "Best Kids Lesson Award!" I don't know why but children seem to like me. I think they feel comfortable with me and it's probably because I love children. I noticed that even babies smile at me!

If you have a little one at home who wants to learn English, please consider taking my Children's English lesson. I use various materials and props during the lesson.

*picture books
*nursery rhymes
*Simon Says
*kids trivia games
*learning vocabulary words
*form sentences with pictures
[Note:] The various methods above will be used interchangeably. Please note that not all the techniques mentioned above will be used in a single 15- minute lesson.

Regardless of their age, I love all children and I'm sure I can teach your child English while they have fun! Please consider trying one of my Children's Lessons so you can see if I am a good fit as an English tutor for your child.

Thank you for your interest and time! Hope to see you again or meet you soon!

Warmest regards,

Lady Ayame

[For your convenience, the weblink is listed below:]
Children's English - 5 Lesson Value Pack

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