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Calgary in April

Hello everyone,


I'm looking forward to seeing you all again soon! I hope to see you, starting at the end of next week, or perhaps the week after next week.  I will post a notification about the exact date, as soon as possible!


Until then, maybe you'd like to hear a little bit about our time in Calgary, so far.


We had a smooth flight. Our cat was very quiet, she didn't make a sound! She was afraid, but now she is fine. I think she will be upset when we move into our new apartment this weekend. But she will recover quickly, especially because our furniture, and her cat tower and cat beds, will be delivered by the moving company.


Our new apartment is a cosy place with two bedrooms, a storage room, and a fireplace! We will be able to burn wood in the fireplace! We're excited about that, but we don't know where to buy wood yet!


The weather in Calgary has been great. We were surprised to find Calgary was warmer, and with no snow, when we arrived. Montreal was colder, and there was snow and ice on the ground, when we left there.


The weather has been between 6 and 15 degrees in Calgary. It's mostly sunny, but there are clouds too. Calgary is high above sea level. Calgary's elevation is about 1045 meters above sea level. Because of this, the sun is very strong, and the air is very dry!


It was difficult to adjust to the dryness of the air, but now we are doing fine. My husband was suprised to fnd he needs to wear sunscreen in April!


Calgary is my hometown, but I lived in Montreal for 6 years, so I had forgotten that the sun is so strong, even in April.


Another thing I forgot about, was the friendliness of Calgarians! Although people in Montreal are nice, people in Calgary are very friendly!


People say hello and talk to us on the street and in the parks, in the grocery stores and cafes! People often say thank you to the bus driver as the get off the bus, and hold the doors of shops and restaurants open for other people.


I will have many more stories and photos to share with you when I return to Cafetalk!


Have a great weekend, see you soon!




Nicolle C. Ready to Begin
Apr 17, 2019