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Moving Day

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well, and looking forward to spring!

Soon I will be moving to Calgary, and I'll be taking a break from Cafetalk. I will be thinking of you, and hope that you will enjoy the process of learning and practicing your English skills while I'm away!

I will be changing my schedule in Calgary, because of the time difference. I am not sure about the date that I will resume lessons, because we do not have an apartment yet. We will find one when we arrive. I will try to be available as much as possible, when I resume giving lessons! 

Montreal is a wonderful city, and I enjoyed my time here very much. I will miss many people and many things about Montreal! But Calgary is also a wonderful city.

I'm looking forward to sharing photos and information about Calgary and the Rocky Mountains with you, when I return to Cafetalk! :)

Thank you all for your hard work and effort developing your English skills. Thank you also for your support during the difficult time last year, when there was a serious illness in my family. Your kind words and messages were a source of strength for me and my family.

We are very busy with moving preparations, but I still read each night before bed. I'm reading "The Neverending Story" by Michael Ende. It is one of my favorite books! I have read it more than 20 times! 

I have a French translation of the book also, and I read one chapter in English, then read the same chapter again in French. It's a convenient way to do some French practice before bed. :)

Do you enjoy reading books? I recommend reading as a great way to discover grammar naturally, and learn new vocabulary. If you can find an audiobook version of your favorite book, you can also practice listening and speaking! (by shadowing)

I wish everyone a bright and energetic spring season, and can't wait to talk with you again! 

Best wishes and happy learning,

Nicolle C. Ready to Begin
Mar 18, 2019