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English Vocabulary Speaking TED Talks

5 Lesson Pack Ideas Worth Spreading

5 Lesson Pack

TED Talks are relatively short videos (around 18 minutes) from some of the most engaging speakers around the world. Some famous TED speakers include Bono, J. J. Abrams, Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, and Stephen Hawking. These videos cover an endless range of topics, initially about 
medicine, science, philosophy, sociology, astronomy, linguistics and many more subjects.


Before the lesson: 

1.) I will send you a TED Talk link based on your interest or you are free to choose a clip.

2.) Take notes of any grammar, phrases, or vocabulary that you did not understand. 

Make a note where in the video something unfamiliar occurred.

We will go over that during the lesson.

During the lesson:

1.) Ask me any questions about the clip, vocabulary, phrases, or grammar that was unfamiliar. 

2.) I will ask you to summarize the video clip, and explain to me the main points as well. 

3.) I will ask you several questions about the content of the TED Talk

4.) Lastly, we will discuss and dialogue about the content and message of the video. 

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