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English Reading for Kids/Lower Level English

30 Mins P 1,200 Trial 15 Mins P 700
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English For Children Pronunciation Grammar Listening

Pronunciation, Building Vocabulary, Reading Out Loud, Explaining, Understanding FOR KIDS AND Lower Level English Students

For this lesson, I currently offer several different books, like "Frog and Toad", "Grasshopper on the Road", "The Great Shelby Holmes", "Dealing with Dragons", and "The Magic Treehouse" books, "Goosebumps" books, other spooky stories for kids, "King Arthur and the Round Table", but if you'd rather read a different book, or need a lower level book, please say so in a message when booking so that I can prepare a more suitable book for you!! :)

In this lesson, I will read each paragraph or sentence out loud first (whatever you feel more comfortable with or whatever I think works best for you), then you will repeat the paragraph or sentence out loud, and I will correct anything you mispronounce. After reading the sentence or paragraph, we will go over each word and sentence that you need help understanding and any questions you have.

If you do not have the book, I can send it to you through email, message, or Skype, or I can share my screen during our lesson.
Material: Flexible
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