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Balance and Stamina - Hatha Yoga lessons

50 Mins P 3,100
tutor_image Szilvia Nemeth
Yoga & Meditation

Body balance and stamina

Approach: Warm up the body and build balance and stamina while moving through a series of postures.

What can you achieve?
Stamina refers to both mental and physical strength of a body to keep you going and getting less tired and stressed. Balancing postures build a strong foundation, increase your mental power, focus and concentration. Yoga practice restores and increases your energy and the exercises rejuvenate tissues.

I offer 10 minutes free discussion at your first booked lesson to talk about your goals and intentions.

All lessons are in English. I teach in a simple way that non-native speakers understand easily, so you should feel at ease on my class.

Please have your camera working, so we both see each other during the class.

Material: Flexible
This tutor is currently on leave or vacation.
Lesson requests can be made after Apr 3, 2019.

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