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50min Japanese★lesson (Customised)

50 Mins P 1,000
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Japanese Pronunciation Grammar Listening

(/・ω・)/{Let's have a fun Japanese lesson in your free time!

                〜♥︎Lesson Content♥︎

         The content and study method of this lesson is customisable!

What kind of lesson would you like to take?

We can study with a textbook you own

If you’re about to take a test, we can just go through any questions you have

For students who are set on talking, we can have a conversation class

What is it you would like to study?




Speech patterns



Polite/Honorific Japanese

Business Japanese

Free Conversation

During our first lesson we will start by introducing each other.

After the lesson I will send you a lesson report about...

the lesson content

what you should review for next time

a comment/feedback from me!

Please use the feedback freely for reviewing the lesson and preparing the next one!

I will make sure to support you in your study goals(・∪<)/♥︎

       〜♥︎Japanese Lesson♥︎

   I will support your motivation to study Japanese!


Do you love Japanese?

Do you want to learn Japanese quickly?

Do you love Japanese culture?

Do you come to Japan for work?

Are you coming to Japan as a tourist?

No matter your reason for studying Japanese, as long as you are motivated, you will be fine! Let’s have fun Japanese lessons together('ω')ノ

    I will make sure you enjoy your lessons(*^^*)

Learning Japanese at your level and pace!

Free lessons for students who just wish to speak!

We will find the perfect lesson style for you!

Let’s customise your personal lesson.


Cafetalk Translation - 7/2017

Material: Flexible

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