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Easy Tagalog - Free Talk

25 Mins P 900
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Tagalog Good for beginners Speaking Roleplaying

There will be no lesson material included but I will send you the summary note of our discussion after the class.

Kumusta ka! 

We can learn Tagalog easily through a free-talk. I welcome all levels of Tagalog aspiring learners from absolute beginner to advanced speaker. We can adjust the following according to your fluency level: 

1. pace
2. the topic of interest and content
3. the vocabulary choices
4. the use of simple to complex sentences
5. the native way of daily Tagalog conversation (expressions, idioms, slangs)
6. formal conversation
7. grammar notes 
8. cultural notes

NOTE:  I'm giving my students some platform options we can use for a better learning experience.

1. Skype - I think the student can record the class video on their end if they wish to. Otherwise, just the normal class with chatbox message threads are good enough. 
2. Zoom -with downloadable mp4 recorded video, share-screen, whiteboard, chatbox, and some other features and annotations
3. Webexwith recorded video via Webex player, share-screen, whiteboard, chatbox, video player during the class, and some other features and annotations


Ikinagagalak kong makilala ka. Magkita tayo sa klase ko!


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