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20 Mins P 1,000 Trial 20 Mins P 500
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English For Children Primary Schoolers Speaking

A Lesson for Kids and Teenagers Eager to Learn English!


This is a lesson for children who are eager to learn English! I have been teaching Japanese children English since 2006. I think it is very important that kids enjoy learning English and exploring all that it can offer them.

There are a few basic requirements to enter this class:

- Can your child answer basic questions like: 
"What's your name?", "How old are you?", "Where are you from?" "How are you?"

- Does your child enjoy speaking in English?
- Does your child have at least a basic reading level?

I've included a trial lesson to see if your child and I might be a match. Age can range from 6-18.

In this lesson, I can provide lesson materials, i.e. a book and CD.

Come check out my trial lesson. After the 10 minute lesson, I am happy to talk with mom or dad for 10 more minutes to answer any questions.

Material: Textbook (We Can)

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