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English Reading Lesson Pack 5 for the price of 4!!

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English Pronunciation Reading Vocabulary

Get 5 lessons for the price of 4!!! Pronunciation, Building Vocabulary, Reading Out Loud, Explaining, Understanding

For this lesson, I currently offer "The Hunger Games", "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", "Happiness Now", and "Follow your Heart", "Norwegian Wood" (I only offer this to people over the age of 18 because it is a very adult book), and "The Husband's Secret", but if you'd rather read a different book, or need a lower level book, please say so in a message when booking so that I can prepare a more suitable book for you!! :)

In this lesson, I will read each paragraph or sentence out loud first (whatever you feel more comfortable with), then you will read the paragraph or sentence out loud, and I will correct anything you mispronounce. After reading the sentence or paragraph, we will go over each word and sentence that you need help understanding.

If you do not have the book, I can send it to you through email, message, or Skype.

*A passage from "The Hunger Games." 
 'Whatever words they use, the real message is clear. “Look how we take your children and sacrifice them and there’s nothing you can do. If you lift a finger, we will destroy every last one of you. Just as we did in District Thirteen.”' 

* A passage from "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."
'Ron dropped his wand. Hermione Granger, telling a downright lie to a teacher? "If they hadn't found me, I'd be dead now. Harry stuck his wand up its nose and Ron knocked it out with its own club. They didn't have time to come and fetch anyone. It was about to finish me off when they arrived."' 

*A passage from "Happiness Now."
'Relationships are tricky! The strategies we think SHOULD work, don't work! The strategies we think WON'T work, do work.. Impressing people: When we try to impress people - by proving that we are clever or rich or cool - people can see through us. And then we look silly.'

*A passage from "Follow your Heart."
'-"My life is a series of lessons I need, happening in perfect order." (The healthiest approach, guarantees maximum peace of mind.)  -"Life is a lottery, but I make the most of whatever comes along." (The next best option - offers average quality of life.)  -"Why do bad things always happen to me?" (Guarantees maximum misery and frustration.)'

*A passage from "Norwegian Wood."
"The one thing I envy you for is having a terrific girlfriend like Hatsumi." Nagasawa shut up and ate. When dinner was over he said, "You know, Watanabe, I have this feeling like, maybe 10 years or 20 years after we get out of this place, we're going to meet again somewhere. And one way or another, I think we're going to have some connection." "Sounds like Dickens," I said with a smile. "I guess it does," he said, smiling back. "But my hunches are usually right." The two of us left the dining hall and went out to a bar. We stayed there drinking until after nine. "Tell me, Nagasawa," I asked, "what is the "standard of action' in your life?" "You'll laugh if I tell you," he said. "No I won't." "All right," he said. "To be a gentleman." I didn't laugh, but I nearly fell off my chair."

*A passage from "The Husband's Secret."
"Without warning, the biscuit slipped from Rachel’s fingers and she hunched over, as if she could duck the first punch, but it was too late, it had her. It had been a long time since it was as bad as this. A wave of pain, as fresh and shocking as that first year when she woke up each morning and for one instant forgot before she was punched in the face with the realization that Janie wasn’t in the room down the hallway, spraying herself with too much sickly Impulse deodorant, pasting orange makeup over her perfect seventeen-year-old skin, dancing to Madonna." 

I will send you a brief review on the points I think need more focus. I will also go over anything major with you at the end of the lesson if there is time.
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