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Idiom Practice

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English For Children Idioms Grammar Listening

Learn common English idioms and how to use them!!

We use idioms every day in English, something that textbooks don't typically teach; like slang.

Slang example: I'm gonna go out. = I'm going to go out. 
We also like to make up words and change the meaning of other words.  
For example: Brain dump = A 'brain dump' is when you have a lot going on in your head (worries, stress, subconscious negative things, etc.), and you get it all out and organized by writing down everything in your head either on paper or the computer. You can also achieve this by ranting to someone close to you. Another example: "I suck!!" Sam said after failing the test. = When you say 'I/you/we/they suck,' you don't mean to suck something literally. You mean that you (I/you/we/they) are really bad at something, or you are disappointed in one's own or another's actions.

Idioms (and slang) are a very important part of English speaking. In this lesson, we will go over different and common idioms natural speakers use, break them down to make sure you fully understand the meaning, and then learn how to use them in situations/conversations. 

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