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EIKEN Speaking Test Prep Lesson Pack

30 Mins P 7,200
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English Test Prep Eiken

Build your confidence to take the EIKEN Speaking Test.

This is the lesson pack for the EIKEN Speaking Test Prep lesson.

If you are going to take the EIKEN Speaking Test, practicing with a native English-speaker a great way to prepare.

In each lesson, we'll do a roleplay exactly like the test. We'll practice all of the conversation from the time the student enters the test room, so that you become comfortable with the dialog.

For the dialog, we will use "Speaking Cards" like you will use in the actual test. I'll send you a card before class, and please print it out before the lesson or have it open on your computer. However, please do not read it ahead of time.

After doing our roleplay in each lesson, we will go over your errors and the things you did well, and some test-taking strategies. Finally, I will send you a feedback sheet after the lesson to help you study.
Material: Other (英検の練習用のスピーキングカード)
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