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Prenatal Yoga at home: practice

30 Mins P 1,000
tutor_image Saule Mukhamejanova
Yoga & Meditation

Flexibility, opening chest and shoulders flow, sun salutation.

I have 2 courses of Yoga: first is theoretical and this one is practical.
Yoga is amazing practice to make you feel good, healthier and happier. Yoga is for any age, any gender.
The practice will be on yoga mats, so you need to prepare it in advance. Other than that you can prepare some blanket, belt and may be pillow which you can use as well during the lesson.
Comfortbale clothes are also a part of practice:)
That's all, let's move in flow together and feel good!
p.s. at this point of time I am teaching prenatal yoga, so all future Mums are welcome, if you are not pregnant you can still take this lesson, it will be gentle and easy practice.
Material: Flexible

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