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Power Meditation - Cleaning Your Aura and Energizing Your Etheric Body

30 Mins P 1,600
tutor_image Jasmine R.

This power meditation cleanses you form all the negative energies and influences you may encounter during the day, and also makes you more powerful and awake from within.

Aura cleaning is of utmost importance and should be done on a regular basis - every day. It is so because our aura becomes dirty with stale energy. In order for us to be spiritually healthy, and thus physically as well, we need to keep the energy flowing. In addition, we tend to collect other people's energy and sometimes other people may steal ours. Have you ever felt so tired after talking to a completely depressed person? Or do you sometimes leave a conversation suddenly becoming energized and more aware of your surroundings after chatting with someone who was extremely happy? This is simply because our energies tend to mingle with one another! This is why we should clean our auras and make our energy stronger by energizing our etheric bodies.
The best time to do this cleansing and energizing meditation is in the evening, before you go to bed, since you won't be taking on anyone's energy after that time. However, it is also a good idea to do the meditation in the morning since that means your energy will be strong throughout the day. This means you feel not take on other people's energy, nor will they be able to steal yours.
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