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Full Body Cardio Kick-Boxing

40 Mins P 1,800
tutor_image Jasmine R.

Would you like to feel stronger and more confident? You are in the right place! Put up your dukes and join me!

We will start by doing a warm-up and some stretches. The main part of the workout is comprised of the elements from kick-boxing, Muay Thai, karate, capoeira and taekwondo. During the workout we move fast and we are so involved in what we are doing that before we know it it's over! It is so much fun and I guarantee you will feel great afterwards! For the finishing touch we will do some tai chi or qi gong to make sure your heart rate comes down before the end of the session.

Things you will need:
1) Sports shoes
2) Comfortable clothes
4) Towel
5) Water

See you!

Material: Flexible

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