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Advanced Core Work - Sculpting a Six-Pack

30 Mins P 1,600
tutor_image Jasmine R.

Would you like to tone your abs without doing plain boring sit-ups? Just a warning - this is not easy, it is tough; because tough means results! If you are up for some advanced training, join my class!

Let's start by doing a warm-up and some simple stretches to get our bodies ready for the extreme workout! Next, we will do a series of punches, standing crunches, kicks, planks, floor crunches, lower leg lifts, and more. We will finish with a nice cool-down stretch.

Things you will need:
1) Light dumbbells 1-3kg (optional)
2) Comfortable floor or a mat
3) Comfortable clothes
4) Shoes are recommended but optional
5) Towel
6) Water

I guarantee a fun time! See you in class! 
Material: Flexible

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