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JLPT Preparation N1/N2/N3 Grammar

50 Mins P 2,200
tutor_image Saya T
Japanese Business Test Prep JLPT Grammar

Learn grammar and more to get ready for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test!

In this lesson, the textbook "Preparation for JLPT Nihongo So-Matome Grammar" is used. I will try to adjust the schedule to your pace and the date of the exam:)


Students who already passed the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N2/N3/N4 can apply for this lesson. You need to do self-study before and after the lesson.


If you've never taken my lesson before, please take a "Counselling & Trial Session" first.
Material: Textbook (「日本語能力試験」対策 日本語総まとめ 文法)

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