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JLPT N1/N2/N3 Grammar Preparation

50 Mins P 2,200 Trial 25 Mins P 1000
tutor_image Saya T
Japanese Business Test Prep JLPT Grammar

Learn grammar and more to get ready for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test!

Thank you for checking my lesson:)

This lesson is for people who:

- want to prepare for JLPT, especially for grammar.
- already passed N2, N3 or N4 and wish to pass the next one.
- are familiar with (or interested in) the So-Matome Grammar textbook.

How to learn

We can learn from the beginning of the textbook, or you can choose grammar topics you'd like to learn.
The tutor will try to adjust the schedule to your pace and the date of the exam.
You need to do self-study before and after the lesson.

In addition, you can ask me any questions in lessons:)

How to book

You can now book this lesson directly without taking my counselling.
In that case, I'll offer counselling, answer your questions, check your level, provide a short lesson etc in the first lesson.

I also have a 25 min counselling session for students who take my lesson for the first time:)

I’m looking forward to talking to you! お話しできるのを楽しみにしています!

Material: Textbook (「日本語能力試験」対策 日本語総まとめ 文法)

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