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English Idioms

an introduction to some very common idioms

What are idioms? An idiom (sometimes they are called “Idiomatic expressions”) is a group of words whose meaning you can`t understand by knowing the separate words. Most dictionaries only give the meanings of individual words. So, maybe you know the meanings of the separate words in this sentence, “Jane drives me up the wall!”. However, do you know what the complete sentence means? It means “Jane makes me very annoyed or angry!” Unfortunately, it takes a bit of time to learn the idioms of a new language and English has very many idoms! Just like learning the meanings of single words (vocabulary), it`s best to start with the most common used words. This course (lesson) will help you to recognise idioms and discuss some of the very common idioms in English. Probably you have seen some idioms yourself but were unsure about their meaning. If so, come to this lesson and ask me about it.

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