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Orientation of the German language

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Councelling for German learners

To all German learners,

I would like to recommend this lesson "Orientation of the German language" to German learners, who have questions regarding learning the German language like
"I would like to have an introduction about teaching materials for learning the German language", "I would like to know my German knowledge level", "I would like to learn German, but I want to know, how I can learn it efficiently" etc.

Target audience: Who wants to start learning the German language,  who wants to examine one's German learing
Language level: Beginners  ~  advanced learners
Lesson purpose: How to learn the German language, introduction of teaching materials to learn the German language, level check of the German language
Lesson content: Questions and answers regarding learning the German language, introduction of German teaching materials, councelling in the German knowledge level etc. 

* If German learners want to know their German knowledge level, please let me know about it, when you request this lesson and tell me, what German level you think you have.
* I will attach you a level check handout. Please print and fill it out, scan it and send it back to me as soon as possible, before this lesson "Orientation of the German language" will begin.

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!


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