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そして、"Just for you English"  と "Just for you Dutch" のレッスンについてを話しますか。





Are you interested in taking a lesson with me?
But, perhaps you have a question about the lessons or the content? Maybe you wonder about which lesson suits your level best? 

You can also meet with me to plan the contents of the lessons "Just for you English" and "Just for you Dutch".

Maybe you want to learn specific vocabulary and phrases? 
Or, maybe you would like to practise more with dialogues or visual stimuli?

Let's meet and talk about what you want and need!

You can only take this lesson once.

The 15 minutes trial is perfect to get to know each other and I will send you feedback about which lessons would be helpful to you.
15分のトライアルは,お互いを知るために最適です. その後、私は何レッスンが参考になるかについてのフィードバックを送ります。

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